Leadership Day at microPEP

Media Contact: Kay Kelly SVM Public Relations & Marketing Communications Kay.kelly@svmpr.com 401.490.9700   Precision Engineered Products to Host Northeastern’s Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership Students at microPEP Manufacturing Facility   WHO:                   Precision Engineered Products Group (PEP), a group of NN Inc. and a global manufacturer of highly engineered precision customized solutions serving the medical, electrical, transportation and aerospace end markets. PEP. will be hosting students from Northeastern University’s Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership program at its microPEP division in East Providence, RI. As one of the industry’s best injection molding manufacturers, microPEP has been a leader in the plastics […]

Microfluidic Devices – Small Solutions to Important Problems

The field of microfluidics requires the design of systems for which small volumes of fluids will be handled, such as microfluidic devices that have dimensions starting at millimeters in size and smaller. The science of designing, manufacturing, and formulating microfluidic devices and processes requires handling volumes of fluid on the order of a Nano liter, which is a billionth of a liter, or a Pico liter, which is a trillionth of a liter. Microfluidic Chips A microfluidic chip is a set of micro-channels etched or molded into a material such as silicon, glass, or polymer that are connected together for […]

Micro Molding – The Need for Small is Growing

The need for “small” is growing. Whether it’s our techno-centric society demanding supercomputer functionality from a watch or a surgeon performing major medical procedures through an opening in the patient’s body the size of a dime, the demand for micro molded parts is becoming increasingly more prevalent. What is Micro Molding? Manufacturing “small” in the world of plastics is called micro molding. Plastic parts have been commonly used for decades. Conventional plastics manufacturing, or injection molding, is a well-established manufacturing process performed by many companies all over the planet. Things are different in the world of “small.” Micro molded components […]

Getting your drug delivery device to market fast

You need to get your drug delivery device to market fast. Microfluidic molding, micro metal stampings, molded assemblies, custom validation – count on PEP’s integrated solutions to efficiently and expertly produce what you need, when you need it. Learn more about PEP drug delivery device manufacturing capabilities.

Igniting the possibilities for microfluidics

One of our customers wanted to consolidate several parts in their very successful consumer product into one injection molded microfluidic component – improving product quality while reducing costs. Would it be possible to mold as a single unit? Yes, and this tiny part has a Ø0.0025” orifice controlled to within +0.0001”/-0.0002”. Learn more.

Production Cell for Multi-Part Consumer Product Now at 14 Fully-Automated Presses

microPEP has added two more machines to its complex of fully-automated production molding systems for the high-volume production of a multi-part consumer product. This addition brings the number of machines in this dedicated manufacturing complex to 14. The system incorporates high-speed part removal automation with custom end-of-arm tooling that automatically separates the runners from the parts. This process allows for full cavity traceability. Sensors are incorporated to insure part and runner removal, by shot. According to engineering manager Oliver Rapp, “We were approached by our customer to develop a rapidly scalable production complex for this device within 14 weeks. We […]