Bioresorbable Resins Molding

photo_bioresorbable-resins-moldingmicroPEP has established a core competency in tooling and processing bioresorbable resins.

We work with a variety of PLA, PLA/PGA blends and PHB resins with varying intrinsic viscosity (IV) values provided by the major suppliers.

microPEP’s proprietary test mold predicts IV outcomes based on gate size and geometry.

Combined with MoldFlow® analysis and Design of Experiment (DOE) practices, this proven approach promotes successful technical and commercial outcomes.

callout_bioresorbable-micro-moldingsAdditional infrastructure and talent attributes include:

  • Class 8 cleanroom production and assembly
  • State of the art metrology, capable of measuring at the sub-micron level
  • Scientific molding practices
  • IP/OP/PQ protocols
  • Established in-house and outsourced material testing capabilities
  • Tooling designs that promote efficient material consumption