Micron Tolerance Molding

Micron Tolerance MoldingmicroPEP has established a solid, performance-based reputation for molding micron-tolerance components. Using diamond turning and proprietary mold making processes, we routinely produce parts to the following specifications:

  • Lens surface finishes within 1/4 – 1/2 wavelength
  • Hole diameters as small as 230μm in thin walls
  • Concentricity of coaxial features within 10μm
  • Small hole diameters to under 4μm
  • Small hole centerline distances held within 1μm @ 250μm pitch, non-cumulative over a ten pitch length
  • Flatness of mirror surfaces within 10μm

callout_molded-subassembliesSpecific competencies include:

  • Integrated lens molding
  • Microlens array molding
  • Fiber alignment (V) groove molding