Insert Molding

Insert MoldingmicroPEP has served many Fortune 500 companies over the years to deliver efficient automated insert molding cells to produce a variety of products including connectors, impellers and stators. These cells integrate process control sensors to ensure the highest quality and are designed for maximum up-time.

Micro insert molding

  • Catheter tips
  • Pin connectors
  • Low ball air cavity packages

Insert molding

  • High volume totally automated cells
  • Plastic-over-metal
  • Plastic-over-plastic
  • Plastic-over-glass

Micro molding

  • Vertical-vertical machine
  • Reel-to-reel
  • Micro lead frame stampings

Encapsulation molding

  • Encapsulate PCB
  • Encapsulate ICs
  • Encapsulate Hall effect or other sensors

View our insert molding process videos

Stator Molding Cell Video

Stator Molding Cell

Connector Molding Cell Video

Connector Molding Cell

Impeller Molding Cell Video

Impeller Molding Cell

Micro Continuous Strip Insert Molding Video

Micro Continuous Strip Insert Molding