microPEP serves a global customer base from our headquarters in East Providence, Rhode Island, where we have 50,000 square feet in manufacturing space.

We operate 45 thermoplastic injection molding machines ranging from 7-ton to 300-ton capacity with robotics for loading inserts, sprue removal, part separation, ultrasonic welding capabilities and device assembly.

microPEP’s facility also features a complete machine shop with six, full-time, mission-adaptable toolmakers dedicated to making things happen.

We have a 24/7 manufacturing capability, poised to deliver least-total-cost injection molded solutions, today.

For more insight into microPEP operations, view our micro molding videos.

As part of Precision Engineered Products LLC (PEP), microPEP rounds out a group of synergistic manufacturing companies that can meet your needs for an integrated solution that includes stampings, plating, clad metals and injection molding. PEP has global reach, with eleven facilities in the U.S., Mexico, Dominican Republic and China.

microPEP production equipment

Horizontal Presses

1                      15 Ton Nissei Electric

1                    7 Ton Nissei

1                      20 Ton Nissei

1                      28 Ton Arburg

5                      40 Ton Nissei

2                      40 Ton Nissei Electric

14                    60 Ton Nissei

9                      80 Ton Nissei

2                      123 Ton Nissei

1                      150 Ton Reed

1                      200 Ton Engel Tiebarless

1                      275 Ton Engel

1                      300 Ton Engel


Horizontal Presses with Parting Line Option

2                      40 Ton Arburg

2                      50 Ton Demag


Vertical Presses with Parting line Option

1                      60 Ton Nissei Rotary

1                      75 Ton Newbury Rotary

1                      75 Ton Newbury Shuttle


Vertical/Vertical Press

2                     75 Ton Nissei Rotary

3                      30 Ton Sadaplast Rotary


Cleanroom Molding

1                      20 Ton Nissei Electric Vertical /Vertical (Continuous Strip Molding)

1                      7 Ton Nissei

3                      15 Ton Nissei Electric