Precision Engineered Products design and development consulting now more robust with 3D printing

Precision Engineered Products has long focused on developing solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage. This includes finding ways to accelerate the commercialization of their product, reduce the overall cost of manufacturing, or improve product quality.

Now PEP is excited to be enhancing our design and development solution portfolio with 3D printing, a technology with the capability to influence each of these goals.

While 3D computer models are valuable, a real physical representation of the product or component can do a lot more to prove out a design concept before making the decision to invest in tooling. However, in the past, waiting for a representative model to be produced could sometimes add weeks to a project schedule – for each iteration.

Precision Engineered Products has reduced the turnaround time for high-resolution PLA models to just a couple of hours with our new, in-house 3D printing capability.

Now our engineers and our customers can get a physical understanding of the component and do a functional check with very little lead time.

In addition, eliminating third-party involvement ensures PEP-customer communication clarity; and the entire process, from design and development through production, is as seamless as possible.

Collaboration on brand new concepts with our clients is one of the activities enriched by 3D printing that has PEP engineers most enthusiastic: Recently PEP took a customer’s metal surgical instrument and, with the help of the 3D printer, produced a model of a new, single-use plastic version to aid their development team.

Said one PEP engineer, “It’s our own concept-generating machine.”

PEP 3D printing of medical device

Above, PEP design engineer Greg Blumenthal inspects the 3D printed prototype of a medical device component.