Fiber Optics and Optoelectronics

microPEP is currently the leading manufacturer of high-volume LC TOSA and ROSA barrels, integrated lenses and microlens array moldings.Lens Array-2 med adj

We help customers develop interesting and challenging optoelectronics components every day. The example featured to the right is an MT style, low profile, right-angle microlens array for a transceiver application. The all-plastic component utilizes a 1 x 12 array of lenses on a 250µm pitch on both sides, with a mirror to provide total internal reflection.

microPEP’s experience with fiber optics and optoelectronics dates back more than thirty years to when we successfully participated in developing a process photo_fiber-optics-optoelectronicsto produce elastomeric splices for individual fiber optic cable conductors.

The molding of biconic, single mode connector components followed, including bulkhead housings, build-out barrels, receptacles and other critical components.

See more about our work molding prisms and light pipes; or link to more detail about microPEP’s plastic optics molding capabilities.