photo_electronicsmicroPEP has been producing precision pin grid arrays, sockets, integrated circuit connector insulators and other interconnection devices for many years.

Today we are among the few manufacturers who can mold insulators with hundreds of contact holes in eight or more rows, holding tolerances of +/- 13µm on contact hole diameters and +/- 50µm on center-line distances.

microPEP also develops encapsulation molding programs with customers wishing to eliminate costly potting operations. Disposal of these potting materials is also becoming more of a concern. Whether your interest is in encapsulating circuit boards with discreet components or Hall effect sensors, microPEP can assist.

Microelectronics Packaging

Liquid crystal polymers (LCPs) have emerged as a preferred resin for electronic and optoelectronic packaging due to superior moisture barrier properties and ability to fill extremely thin walls and features on ever-decreasing package sizes.

microPEP is on the leading edge of continually evolving LCP molding technology.

microPEP provides sealing solutions and cost reductions to our customers with near-hermetic LCP packaging, which eliminates more expensive ceramic and Kovar® packages.

microPEP microelectronics packaging applications include:

  • Flip chip device
  • LDMOS packages integrating lead frames and heat sinks
  • Direct chip encapsulation
  • Multi-pin interconnect devices
  • Ball grid arrays incorporating molded-in solder balls