Terms & Conditions

  1. PRICES: Prices are F.O.B. Manufacturer’s plant.
  2. PRICE INCREASES: Prices on undelivered portion of order are subject to increases by amounts of additional, proportionate and allocable costs of Manufacturer due to new Federal or State legislation, higher cost of molding compounds and higher basic labor rates, together with the covering overhead for such costs.
  3. CREDIT: Manufacturer may, at any time, alter or suspend credit, refuse shipment or cancel unfilled orders when, in its opinion, the financial condition of Purchaser or the status of the account warrants any such action, or when delivery is delayed by fault of Purchaser, or when Purchaser is delinquent in any payment.
  4. LIEN: Manufacturer shall have a lien upon all molds, dies, tools or parts of Purchaser in Manufacturer’s possession for any unpaid balances due Manufacturer for any molds, dies tools or parts and for any orders shipped, in process or unfilled, it being the understanding that any such lien shall continue until all the provisions of any contracts between the parties are completed.
  5. CANCELLATION: An order is not subject to cancellation, change, reduction in amount or suspension by Purchaser except with written consent by Manufacturer and upon terms indemnifying Manufacturer against loss or extra costs resulting therefrom.
  6. MOLDS AND DIES: Purchaser shall pay the costs for all changes in molds and dies made necessary by changes in specifications accepted in writing by Manufacturer and shall assume all risk of resultant damage. In the event Purchaser is entitled to and demands delivery of the molds and dies, there will be an additional charge for crating and handling; and any such delivery shall be made F.O.B. Manufacturer’s Plant. Manufacturer shall maintain in good condition at his own expense all molds and dies for a period not exceeding one year after the completion of the most recent production order, reasonable wear and tear excepted. A mold or die for which no production order has been received for three years shall be considered obsolete, and Manufacturer shall be under no responsibility for its continued existence after such period of inaction. Manufacturer does not insure customer’s molds and dies in its possession.
  7. INSERTS: Unless specifically stated otherwise, Purchaser shall furnish inserts F.O.B. Manufacturer’s Plant. All charges prepaid, in sufficient quantities to warrant continuous operation of the molds and in quantities exceeding by 10% the number required to complete the order for molded parts. Manufacturer is not to be held responsible for losses of inserts during set-up, nor for inserts consumed in rejected or spoiled parts.
  8. TOLERANCES: When dimensions and tolerances are not otherwise specified and agreed upon by Manufacturer, molds and dies will be constructed to produce parts within standard commercial tolerances.
  9. FINISH: The finish of molded thermoplastic parts, unless otherwise specified, shall be as molded with clipped or sawed gate(s) and shall include only such finish as is obtained directly from the molding process. Thermoset parts are normally tumbled and/or grit blasted after molding.
  10. FINISHING OPERATIONS: No tapping, assembling, inserts, machine work or any operation other than molding is included in this quotation unless specifically stated. If special gauges are required, they are to be furnished by the Purchaser.
  11. QUANTITIES: Delivery of 10% more or less than the quantity specified shall constitute fulfillment of the order, and the difference shall be paid or allowed for at the current price.
  12. GENERAL CONTINGENCIES: Manufacturer shall be under no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage occurring by reason of delay or inability to deliver caused by fires, machinery breakdowns, accidents, strikes, lockouts, embargoes, car shortages, delays of carriers, insurrections, riots, acts of the civil or military authorities, or procuring suitable material, or from any other cause beyond Manufacturer’s control, and, if delay from any such cause occurs, the delivery time of Manufacturer shall be correspondingly extended.
  13. APPROVAL OF SAMPLES: Sample parts made from the mold will be submitted for approval before proceeding with production parts; and it is understood that parts made in accordance with such samples as approved are to be considered as made in compliance with your specifications and acceptable to Purchaser.
  14. CLAIMS AND RETURNS: Claims for shortage or rejection for defects must be made in writing by Purchaser within 30 days after receipt of parts. Returns must be made only with prior written authorization by manufacturer. No credit will be given on any parts returned which have been altered or defaced in any way or upon which any additional operation has been performed.
  15. INFRINGEMENT: Purchaser hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Manufacturer harmless for r against any and all loss, cost, liability, or expense resulting from or attributable to infringement or claimed infringement of patents or trademarks involved in the manufacturer for Purchaser of any order.
  16. MODIFICATIONS OR WAIVERS GENERALLY: No modification of this contract shall be binding on Manufacturer unless agreed upon in writing, and no waiver of any default shall be deemed a waiver of any subsequent default.
  17. POLICY: The above terms and conditions are necessary as a protection against undue hardship, and to promote mutual understanding. Manufacturing request Purchaser’s cooperation in this matter, and will likewise extend all possible cooperation.
  18. ARBITRATION: All disputes arising under this contract shall be settled by Arbitration under the Laws of the State of Rhode Island.
  19. INSTALLMENT DELIVERIES: Pieces prices will be based on the quantity of parts scheduled for shipment within a 60-day period, regardless of the total quantity of a purchase order.
  20. SHIPPING: Shipping dates are approximate with no liability for late shipments.

Terms: Net 30 days on production parts. Molds and Tools require 1/3 deposit with order; 1/3 with initial samples; balance net 10 days upon qualification, or prior to production of parts, whichever is sooner.

Any special inspection equipment or fixtures used by you for inspection of these parts will be duplicated for our use.

Tooling leads times quote are after receipt of deposit, and are subject to change.

Unit prices subject to change due to cost factors beyond our control such as raw materials, utilities and labor.

Tooling and piece prices subject to final design review.